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A Cooker Hob or a Stove? Which is the best?

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It has never been simpler for people to start cooking thanks to the abundance of cutting-edge products on the market. It’s true that adding these products to your kitchen setup will require a sizable expenditure, but their ease and broad range of features make up for the high cost. Recently, a lot of people have inquired about the utility of stoves and hobs. The following answers should assist you if you want to find out which of the two is the best one for you!

What is the Difference Between A Hob and A Stove?


Although all of these devices are cooktops, Hob offers a far better value while also boosting the convenience and overall aesthetic of your system. The best feature of these units is how easily users can control the maintenance cycles while they are flush with your tabletop. After removing the grills from the upper area, cleaning this cooktop thoroughly won’t take more than a few minutes. For improved performance over time, be sure to rely on this choice.

Additionally, the unit’s improved safety features and aesthetically pleasing appearance maximize its utility. Therefore, it is preferable to spend more money and acquire a Hob for your kitchen if you don’t want to compromise on the cooktop’s style. It will completely satisfy all of your cooking needs.

Overall, cooker hobs are an outstanding option for anyone looking for convenience and pure performance. It adds many functions that are absent from a typical cooking setup. Therefore, the only logical choice for you is a hob if you are not budget constrained and need something to improve the performance of your cooking setup.


A gas stove, which rests over the kitchen counter, has a large footprint in terms of fundamental design. Due to its larger size and absence from the counter, it may be more difficult to clean. Even though you’ll be saving a ton of money with this purchase, this gadget is deficient in many capabilities. Additionally, when you consider the safety considerations, it doesn’t really compare to cooker hobs.

The only time getting a stove over a hob makes sense is when you don’t have the money for one. Otherwise, there is no use in choosing this less desirable alternative because it won’t benefit your cooking setup as much. Therefore, everything depends on the kind of spending plan you’re going for.

Having said that, some customers have noted that moving the gas burners requires no additional work. However, keep in mind that without a solid foundation, it will be difficult to maintain this unit firmly in place. Therefore, before buying any of these kitchen units, keep this information in mind and assess your countertop.


Cooker Hobs vs Gas Stoves

Design and performance of gas stoves and hobs

The height of a gas stove is typically around 10 to 15 cm. There is a gas inlet pipe at the back of the gas stove that connects to the gas cylinder. The gas stoves come with 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 burners. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the number of burners you need. Traditional gas stoves are manually operated. However, the latest auto-ignition gas stoves do not need a lighter or matchstick to ignite. Such an automatic cooking system is pretty helpful for busy people.

When successfully installed on your kitchen counter, a built-in hob has a gas entrance at the rear and only the gas burners and controllers are visible. This advantage makes cleaning hobs simple and is also seen to be more hygienic than gas stoves. Tempered glass, which is stronger than other glass on the market, is used for the kitchen hobs. Typically, they have three, four, or even five burners to make your task easier.

What is special about built-in hobs?

Just like built-in ovens, the hob is a new way for cooking on stoves, and it has revolutionized how your kitchen will look. Unlike gas stoves, hobs are fixed on your kitchen counters. They appear to be an inbuilt component of your kitchen counter and do not stand higher as the conventional gas stoves do. So, for installing a hob, you will need to do civil work on the kitchen counter as per the dimensions of the kitchen hob.

Hobs have a better design and are more elegant looking than gas stoves by adding finesse to your kitchen. Most hobs come with an auto-ignition feature which is safe and easy to use.

Auto shut-off timer is an essential safety feature in built-in hobs which is not available in any other gas stoves available in the market. If you forget to turn off the gas, the gas connection will be automatically cut off preventing any leakage of gas. The flame’s intensity is lower than any other gas stoves in the market. This feature also helps in cooking and ensuring properly cooked meals for all. Since only the burners are higher than the countertop, hobs are easier to clean and maintain.

Differences and Similarities of Cooker Hobs and Gas Stoves

1.   Function and operation

A gas stove’s main purposes are always to manage the flame or heat and to cook food. Hobs have altered perception concurrently. Hobs assist you keep things clean, hygienic, and elegant in your kitchen in addition to making cooking easier for you. The flame stays strong on gas stoves. However, you can manage the flame function when compared to the built-in hob, which is superior for cooking.

2.   Durability

Traditional gas stoves are made of stainless steel and are incredibly sturdy. Hobs are made of tempered glass, which is also highly strong and durable.

3.   Amount of Burners

You can vary the number of burners on a gas stove based on your usage and requirements; they often have 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Built-in hobs, in contrast, also have 2, 3, 4, or 5 burners. Nowadays, 3 or 4 burner hobs are preferred by most houses since they make life simpler.

4.   Maintaining and Cleaning

The gas stove is challenging to clean. The stainless steel portion of the gas stove frequently appears to retain cooking-related stains. However, choosing a tempered glass hob makes cleaning easier and helps you retain cleanliness. The glass top only needs to be cleaned with a wet cloth once, and it will be spotless.

5.   Safety

Only the hob has this safety feature, and while the hob is not in use, the associated gas will be turned off or paused.

6.   Innovative Features

Modern gas stoves are simpler to install because of their streamlined design and auto-ignition feature. Hobs, on the other hand, feature auto-ignition as well, but they are difficult to install and must fit on the kitchen countertop.

Which is More Preferable, A Cooker Hob or A Gas Stove?

When deciding between a gas stove and a hob, the latter is a preferable choice if you want to switch out or replace your cooktop or choose a modular kitchen. People have chosen to install built-in hobs in their houses for a variety of reasons, including the safety measures, the modern design, the strong tempered glass, and others. You can determine which gas stove and hob has superior benefits for your needs by weighing the pros and downsides of each. Although hobs are currently popular, traditional gas stoves have been on the market for a while.

Yeobuild HomeStore’s Cooker Hob Recommendations

1.   Tecno T 738TRSV Gas Hob

In addition to having burners made of a high-strength aluminum alloy, the Tecno T 738TRSV Gas Hob has safety features such as a quick ignition safety valve system. The top of this range’s tempered glass is covered by a lifetime warranty.

2.   Uno UK7338 Hybrid Hob

The Uno UK7338 Hybrid Hob has two different types of burners (a gas burner and an induction burner), giving you the greatest amount of usage options. It is armored with many safety measures, including child lock, overheating protection, and rapid ignition safety valve device. It is composed of high-quality ceramic glass that is exceptionally heat resistant.

3.   Teka IB 702 Induction Cooker Hob

Discover a whole new level of cooking with the Teka IB 702 Induction Hob, which features 4 cooking programs and 9 power settings for a variety of cooking methods. Additionally, it has residual heat indicators, an automatic safety disconnect, and a kid lock, making your kitchen safer than ever.


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