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Advantages Of Having An Induction Hob

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Due to its simplicity and convenience, the induction hob has emerged as the new favourite among chefs of all levels. On the one hand, despite its compact size, abundance of contemporary features, and dominance over traditional cooking methods, there are several areas where it falls short. For example, it might use more energy or the intricate arrangement might make it difficult for you to figure out. To make your selection somewhat simpler than previously, we covered these topics and many more in the article below.

How Do Induction Hobs Work?

Whether it is on or off, an induction hob appears virtually the same. Induction hobs, which were first introduced in the 1980s, have revolutionised the culinary industry and today make up around 35% of all hob purchases. On a scientific level, induction works by agitating the electrons in ingredients with electromagnetic waves, which heats them up.

Up until the items are fully cooked and ready for the meal, the higher the heat setting, the more the electrons are stirred. It’s a brilliant creation that deserves praise on par with the LED light, the combine harvester, and the dishwasher.

Without further ado, let’s quickly go over the key benefits of an induction hob.

The Top Advantages of an Induction Hob

1.   Maximum Safety

If you have children at home, an induction hob is a far better option to allow them to assist you in the kitchen. Because you won’t have to deal with a hot flame, as with obsolete gas tops, the risk problem is essentially eliminated. Above all, it is fundamental physics that glass is one of the poorest heat conductors. Since an induction cooktop is depicted, that ultimately increases the safety feature. You no longer have to be concerned about unfortunate cooking events if you have an induction hob.

2.   Greater Precision

Let’s talk about a concern that newbies frequently have while considering purchasing an induction stove. At first, understanding the temperature settings may seem like an impossible endeavour, and one is thus more prone to making simple errors. No, there is no likelihood of that happening because induction hobs have predetermined temperature settings, therefore a beginner is no longer required to engage in that. Additionally, heat transmission wouldn’t abruptly shift because electricity has a consistent flow in contrast to gas, which fluctuates continuously. You can cook your meals much more quickly than before if you have a constant heat source.

3.   Utilising Energy Responsibly

We appreciate induction cooktops for all the right reasons because of this function. First off, because of their special mechanism, they don’t require more energy to heat the area around the stove, so it’s a win-win situation. There is no waste because the induction hobs utilise the same energy to heat the bottom of the pan as soon as it comes into contact with the cooktop. Another benefit is that you avoid dealing with a stuffy kitchen in the heat. This is because, unlike other types of stoves, these ones don’t heat the space where you cook.

4.   Speedier Cooking

As we just stated, the instant the induction hob turns on, there is no needless heat transmission, and all the energy is directed into the bottom of the pan. This assists in cooking your meal more quickly without requiring you to sacrifice the flavour or texture. In comparison to gas or grilling stoves, an induction hob allows you to cook the same dish much more quickly. Because of this, we can tell you that although induction hobs use more power, they cook food more quickly as a result. As a result, your hard-earned money doesn’t ultimately waste away.

5.   Portable and convenient

Since induction hobs are compact, you can transport them to all of your favourite cooking locations thanks to their portability. If you own a restaurant and wish to relocate your office, this is frequently advantageous. The same is true for those who constantly move houses; at last, you have a kitchen necessity you can count on. In addition to all of this, summer is quickly approaching, and you can choose an induction hob to host all of those large parties. A kitchen with an induction hob is ideal, especially in warmer locations.

6.   Cleaning

An induction cooktop is simple to clean if your pots spill. Faster cooking is fantastic. Better, safer, and less wasteful cooking is wonderful. We would venture to claim that cleaner cooking is better. It goes without saying that a quicker, less time-consuming cleanup would be a significant draw if the primary function of your cooktop is to get supper on the table faster and do it safely. Food doesn’t burn on an induction cooktop since it rarely gets that hot. This implies that a spatter, spill, or pop of pasta sauce requires a short swipe of the sponge rather than a thorough scrub.

Even with ease of cleanup, induction cooktops may not be able to completely overcome the price barrier for some people despite their speed, energy economy, safety, control, and ease of cleanup. They can cost up to several thousand more for a top-of-the-line model, and they are still much more expensive than gas and electricity. Because it’s a significant investment and your present cookware may not have the necessary magnetism to function with the cooktop, take that into account as well.


Yeobuild HomeStore’s Top 3 Induction Hob Recommendations

1.   Fujioh FH-ID5130 Induction Hob

Make your induction cooker a functional extension of the countertop when you don’t need it and a decorative element of your kitchen when you do. Modern ceramic induction hobs from Fujioh are incredibly durable and have SCHOTT grade glass. Cleaning is simple because of the smooth surface, and safety features warn you when the surface is hot. You’ll love the bevelled edges that were added for the utmost in style.

Fujioh FH-ID5130 Induction Hob

2.   Mayer MMIH603FZ Induction Hob

An induction stove featuring a touch control panel is the Mayer MMIH603FZ. It is made up of 1 Flexi Zone and 2 Single Zones. Flexi Zone may be split into either 2 separate zones that can cook at different power levels simultaneously, or it can be combined into a single large zone that can cook at a single power level. It offers nine levels of power settings to accommodate various cooking requirements, from low heat steaming to high heat stir-frying. A child safety lock is included in the safety feature in addition to the residual heat indicators, preventing children from turning on the cooking zone or turning on the cooking surface. It has an independent timer for up to 99 minutes and auto-pan recognition, allowing it to turn on automatically.

Mayer MMIH603FZ Induction Hob

3.   Smeg SI1F7635B Induction Hob

Customers who like contemporary style will love the new induction hobs from Smeg with their simple sliding controls. With 14 different cooking settings, you have the greatest amount of flexibility, which improves cooking precision and temperature control. All zones include a power booster mode that enables each zone to operate at maximum power for recipes that call for aggressive cooking, such frying, or just to quickly bring water to a boil. The SI1F7635B induction stove from Smeg features the Flexi4Zone technology and has simple sliding controls.

Smeg SI1F7635B Induction Hob

Get Your Induction Hob for Better, Faster Cooking at Yeobuild HomeStore

Induction hobs are far more environmentally friendly and controlled than even gas stoves. With all of their advantages, induction hobs easily outperform ceramic hobs in terms of speed, effectiveness, usability, and, well, everything. Visit Yeobuild HomeStore right now to enjoy the greatest cooking experiences!


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