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Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in Singapore this 2022

The top washing machine brands in Singapore have developed a range of features, including self-cleaning, kid locks, and water conservation. ...
Front load or Top Load

Which is better, Front load or Top Load Washing Machine?

The choice between a front load and a top load washing machine is one of the most difficult ones to ...
new washing machine

How to Pick Your New Washing Machine

Despite having a slick, high-tech appearance, not all modern washing machines are created equal. Planning ahead is the first step ...
New Washing Machine

When To Get a New Washing Machine?

It need not be difficult to answer the question of when to buy a new washing machine. It can frequently ...
Repair or Replace Your Washing Machine

When to Repair or Replace Your Washing Machine

Among the most utilized appliances in every home are the washer and dryer. They must remain functional in any season ...
laundromat business

How to kickstart your laundromat business in Singapore?

Many entrepreneurs flock to Singapore to start a business. Like any city, there’s a demand for laundromat services, and you ...
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