Common Kitchen Problems and How to Fix Them, EASILY! (Part 1)

Kitchen problems are common. From those who are just practicing to those who are already experienced, food preparation and cooking can bring you a lot of challenges. It is worth the hassle though. Especially once you see your friends or family, smiling or wide-eyed once they take a bite of what you cooked. You take more pleasure when they will nonchalantly say, “This is really delicious“. Best if they ask you “How did you do this?”. All these successes in cooking though came with a lot of challenges, from the mundane (e.g. oil in your peanut butter) to the burdensome (e.g. very salty food for your waiting visitors). In this article (and on the next articles to come), you will learn of simple yet very effective hacks on common kitchen problems that every one of us faces. So brush off those worries, the answers to these challenges are usually found in the same place where you are getting them. YOUR BELOVED KITCHEN!

1. Oily peanut butter

Common Kitchen Problems yeobuild homestore oily peanut butter singapore

Whether you are preparing your kids’ breakfast (hello peanut butter and jelly!) or the peanut sauce for your chicken satay, it often is time-consuming mixing your peanut butter to ensure that it’s not its oil that you are using. It is actually a good sign if your peanut butter is oily. It is natural and it is what makes it creamy. It’s just that you don’t want your food to be oily and have a soggy texture. So to save your time from mixing the oil and the peanut butter, STORE IT UPSIDE DOWN! Once you are ready to use it, the oil will automatically mix itself right into the butter. Crafty eh? Well, you better make sure that it is tightly close before you do this trick. You don’t want oil spilling over your kitchen.

2. For-herb-er

Common Kitchen Problems yeobuild homestore oily peanut butter singapore herbs singapore

Herbs are very healthy but sadly they don’t actually last forever as the silly title suggests. What you can do is to at least make them last longer. You don’t want to feel the agony of storing garden-fresh herbs and just see them wither and be spoiled to no use the following day. We can keep your coriander, lemongrass, parsley, and other herbs last for 2 weeks longer by doing this simple hack. Prepare a small jar or glass of water then place your herbs here. It is highly suggested that you trim any wilted part for the herb to stay fresher. Cover it with a plastic bag (e.g. grocer’s plastic bag). Lastly, secure it with a rubber band. You can put it in the fridge or just leave it on your kitchen countertop. It will surely be fresh for cooking even after 2 weeks!

3. Messy cake slices

Common Kitchen Problems

Cakes are the usual center of attraction during celebrations. That is aside from the celebrant of course. You want to make sure the cake is cut evenly and neatly with very minimal to no crumbs at all. You want to serve your friends and loved ones with a perfect slice of cake on their birthdays. Imagine serving a cake you meticulously bake or bought. It is hand-made with beautiful layers inside. And you just lost the moment when you get your first slice smeared and smattered with frosting and crumbs? Let’s not make that happen by dipping a slender knife (preferably a tomato knife) in hot water. Quickly wipe it with a dry towel then start cutting your cake into nice, even-layered slices. Voila! You’re now a pro in plating a cake!

4. All the flavors and still you chose to be SALTY!

kitchen problems yeobuild homestore salty

This is one of the most common kitchen problems we encounter. There are instances wherein you are cooking and use measuring cups and spoons and still your dish comes out very S-A-L-T-Y. Life ain’t perfect, yet there are ways to solve this in case you come up with this problem. Besides, you don’t want to feed your loved ones with an unhealthy dish due to too much salt. When you oversalt your laksa, toss in a few slices of potato to your pot and let it simmer for 10-20 minutes until the flavour is where you want it to be. Just don’t forget to remove the potatoes when you are ready to serve your food.

5. Doesn’t take time to chill

kitchen problems yeobuild homestore singapore

You have your special someone on a date night. You were about to prepare your cool bubbly when you realised that your chiller is not working. Worse it is even warmer than your tap water. Don’t fret and ruin your day when faced with this predicament. You can save it and still have a lot of time to celebrate and have fun. Just do this very easy trick. Get a tall pitcher close to the height of your booze. Grab your ice from your freezer. Pour in a little bit of water into the pitcher. Mix in a handful of salt. Turn it over from one side to the other every 4 minutes. You will get your wine cold in 30 minutes or less. The best part is you get to spend the night with your partner chilling.

There are still a lot of kitchen problems we will be helping you out with in the next posts so stay tuned. We will share the neatest and the craftiest tricks to solve them. You can also share your thoughtful tricks by sharing it in the comments below.

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