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Common Oven Operation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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An oven is an appliance that is commonly used for cooking. Baked a cake, cupcakes, cookies, or tart for a special occasion, grill a chicken, turkey, beef for a holiday season, defrost meat or preheat your everyday meal set up, can be possibly done with the help of an oven. You can do many dishes, and it saves time so that many people choose to have it. However, unlike other kitchen tools and appliances, the oven is even more sensitive to use. It needs various precautions to last it for many years. If you are worried that you are using your oven without proper care, we will help you. We will give you an insight into the common oven operation mistakes and some tips on dealing with it. We will ensure that at the end of the day, you are now using your oven correctly.

The following are some common oven operation mistakes:

Put something above your oven while using it.

There were people wherein usually put random things above the oven to maximize the space. I will tell you that it was one of the creative ideas that you had. It saves space, and you can bring another kitchen accessory and worry no more about where it should be placed inside. But make sure that before or while you were using the oven, remove all unnecessary things surrounds it, especially on top. It can cause some serious damage if you ignore these things.

The rays of the oven and its transmission can be dangerous to the object surrounds it. The severe effect, maybe it can cause a fire. Blocking of these rays can also affect the functioning of the appliance itself. As a result, you will be needed to fix this problem that may cause you to pull out money or buy another oven.

Not using a Proper Kitchen Tool.

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Admit it, some of us only using convenient kitchenware because this is only what we have. The best example is using a plastic container for baking or reheating food. It is a big NO!!! Plastics can melt in the heat. It is very harmful to the appliances, the heating food, and the container itself. When the plastic container starts to melt inside the oven, the chemicals it can mix with the food may lead to food poisoning. Yet, there was an available plastic container that is microwavable safe. Meaning it will not melt to the high temperature of the oven. You may opt for oven repairs if your oven ends up getting destroyed.

Another, there were incidents that the glass used for the casserole dish cracked inside the oven because it cannot conquer the heat. Make it a habit to read first a further instruction to avoid these accidents. If you want to ensure the safeness, use a proper tool. Make sure that all the equipment is microwavable.

Open the Oven Door to Check the Food.

You want to ensure that the food is well cooked inside the oven. Well, wait for the timer to stop first before opening the oven. It can cause the oven to cool down at least 500, and when it happens, your food may not be cook properly, which we do not want to happen. Thus, check your food without touching the door. Just look outside to check if it is done or not.

Not Checking the Oven Door if has a Damage before Using.

yeobuild homestore Common Oven Operation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them singapore

Door damage may lead to serious oven problems. It makes the heat flee from inside, that can be a factor in changing the temperature. Also, it can cause too much energy since there were temperature changes. It can consume much more than the normal power it has. So, check your oven regularly. If you saw some moisture on the door, it indicates a defect in the door gasket and needs to be replaced.

Not Properly Cleaning the Oven.

Some ovens have a self-cleaning function. Just set it to that role, and it will do its cleaning job. It is very convenient. It also saves time for you to polish the oven. But to assure that the oven is perfectly pristine, clean it with your hands itself, particularly the spills. Underestimating the grease can cause the oven to overheat and even stop working. You would end up finding a new oven for your home. It can affect the heating elements and the oven liner as the temperature rise. It is not only for the own sake of the appliances but for your good also. Food will be served perfectly delicious with the use of a clean oven.

Include the Rack Inside during Self-cleaning.

Leaving the racks inside the oven while self-cleaning may breakdown the coating on the oven lining, which leads the racks to discoloration and makes it not easy to put in and out. Keep in mind to remove the racks inside the oven during self-cleaning to avoid unnecessary damages.

Not Preheating the Oven before using it.

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Your food will be cook accordingly if you follow the exact temperature. So, bear in mind to preheat first the oven at least 10 to 15 minutes before putting the dish inside. You will love the result of it.

The positioning of the Racks in Wrong Place.

Placing the oven racks during the cooking time will affect the food. If you place it on a higher level, there is a possibility that the top will be crispier than another side. Same as if you place it to lower part. It will make the bottom more cooked than the other part. For the best outcome, place it on the middle rack. The heat will be distributed to the whole oven, and the dish will be cook evenly.

Proper use of Wax and Parchment Paper.

You will not notice the difference between wax paper and parchment paper. Wax paper is used to wrap food for the cooling session, and parchment paper is for hot ones. Both are to avoid each item to stick together. Wax paper is not heat resistant, so better not use in the oven because it will meltdown.

Wrapping Up

These are some common oven operation mistakes that we did not notice to practice. Be aware of your actions. Always read further instructions or research first some articles if you are unsure what you are doing. Maybe it is only a little action, but it can save you from severe damages. Healthy tools from cooking make your food more delicious.


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