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Common Oven Problems and How to Fix Them

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Have an Oven problem? We’re here to fix it. Ovens are very convenient, especially when you are fond of baking, roasting, or simply cooking fancy meals in general. Due to the functionalities that it is able to provide, an oven is essential in every modern kitchen. 

However, technical problems may arise if you are not careful with them. There may be a chance that you can encounter one of the common oven problems.

We could think of many solutions that could help you with these problems. One could be a repair or replace program that can save you money and time in having your oven repaired or replaced. For the other DIY solutions, we have listed many of them below.

The oven does not heat up

yeobuild homestore singapore Common Oven Problems and How to Fix Them

One of the most common oven problems is when your oven does not heat up. Most often than not, this is also one of the most common kitchen problems that you would encounter. 

Generally, the main function of your oven is to heat up for cooking. So when it doesn’t, it may be a result of some simple causes. One of the causes could be a broken part or element. For a gas oven, it could be because of a faulty igniter, control, or valve. For an electric oven, it could be a heating element such as a broken wire, a bad control, or the wrong amount of power. If your gas burners and the gas oven do not work, it may be because of the gas line.

You can actually troubleshoot the main cause yourself by doing several things:

  • Check the junction box for any tripped circuit breaker.
  • Check if the oven is plugged into the socket
  • Remove the storage drawer to check your igniter
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the heating element or old igniter
  • Seek professional home repair services to fix it for you.

It is not heating to the right temperature

When your oven does not heat to the right temperature, there could be a problem with its temperature sensor, the igniter, or the heating element. To solve this, you need to. first, check the temperature sensor. Make sure that it is not touching the inside wall of the oven. Try to use an ohmmeter to ensure that your oven sensor is still functioning. If it is not functioning, then better replace it. For gas igniters and heating elements, you also have to verify if they are still working. If not, better change it too.

Another way of verifying the temperature is by preheating your oven and then using a thermometer.

The oven does not cook food evenly

Ideally, an oven should provide consistent heat when roasting or baking. So when you bring out your food and only a portion of it is cooked, then it’s a problem. There’s a reason behind this, and it can be attributed to the oven’s temperature sensor or heating elements.

To solve this, you need to preheat your oven so that you can have a visual test to see if the heating elements are glowing or lit. If they are able to function well, then you have to test your temperature sensor. If you notice that there is a problem with the sensor or the heating element, you should replace them immediately.

The oven does not turn on

yeobuild homestore singapore Common Oven Problems and How to Fix Them yeobuild homestore singapore 1

One of the reasons could be the control board or the user interface of your oven. Due to repetitive use, your user interface can get worn out over time. Because of this, your oven would most likely fail. To fix it, you can begin by testing the oven control boards using a multimeter. Then, have it replaced. You can replace it yourself if you have the know-how on such technicalities.

The range burner does not light

Ovens usually have their cooker hobs or range burners installed with them. For electric ovens, range burners need electricity so they can heat up. However, overuse could lead to them being non-functional, hence they need to be replaced. If your range burner does not heat up or light, you can do quick fixes.

Do a test by unplugging the fault burner from the burner socket and switching it with the burner that works well. If the working burner would light up, then the problem would be the faulty burner itself, consider replacing it. However, if the working burner does not heat up after the switch, the problem would be the socket or the infinite switch. You need to look if there are damages to your socket. If they don’t work due to the damages, consider replacing them.

Oven light does not work

yeobuild homestore singapore Common Oven Problems and How to Fix Them yeobuild homestore singapore

One of the most common oven problems would also involve the oven light not working. 

To solve this, you can replace your light bulb. However, if you have already replaced the light bulb of your oven but it still does not work, then your oven may have a faulty light switch. Moreover, there is a chance that there is a problem with connecting wires or electronic control systems. For better results, it is better to consult a repair service to do the fixing.

Wrapping Up

A modern kitchen needs an oven to be fully functional, so you have to ensure that it is always fixed. Be vigilant, make sure your appliances function efficiently, to avoid encountering common oven problems. But if you ever encounter one, feel free to do our quick solutions or call your local repairman to do the fixing for you.


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