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Cooker Hob Buying Guide: What To Consider Before Making A Purchase

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Knowing the many types of cooker hobs available is a smart place to start when picking one. However, you should also think about how the hob will fit with your cooking preferences, space constraints, and household requirements. Through this article, Yeobuild HomeStore will walk you through the factors you should take into account when selecting a cooker hob.

Find Out the Difference Between a Cooker Hob, An Oven, and A Range

Before anything else, you must comprehend the distinctions between a range, a hob, and an oven. By doing this, you may prevent wasting your money on unnecessary appliances. The following is a definition of the terms:

1.   Gas

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinders or piped town gas can both be used to power a gas hob. When lit, it emits direct heat via a flame. The majority of gas ranges have an automated ignition, so you can just turn on the knob settings. However, some older versions need a manual lighter to ignite.

2.   Ceramic

Under its hard ceramic glass surface, a ceramic hob has heating components. The heating elements gradually warm up after you’ve adjusted the desired temperature before transmitting the heat to the glass surface. The cooking areas on the glass surface become hot to the touch and glow red when heated.

3.   Induction

Induction hobs have a flat ceramic glass surface, just like ceramic hobs do. Induction coils (often made of copper) underneath the hob create an electromagnetic field when a compatible pan is set on top of the coils and the hob is turned on. Since your pan can now be heated directly without going through the glass, the hob surface effectively remains cool during the cooking process.

4.   Hybrid

If you’re having trouble making a decision, you might want to couple some domino hobs, with smaller and fewer burners, together or get a hybrid hob, such as Techno’s Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob or their Induction-Ceramic Hybrid Hob.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Cooker Hob

1.   Kitchen Size

How much countertop space can you reserve in relation to the size of your kitchen? The size of the kitchen hob to purchase will depend on this. Consider domino hobs, which normally have 30-cm widths and one to two burners, for small kitchens. While larger hobs can be up to 90 cm wide, medium-sized hobs are typically between 60 and 70 cm wide.

2.   Frequency of Cooking

Do you require quick delivery of your food? If you cook regularly and don’t have much time to prepare meals, an induction cooktop is a great choice because it quickly brings your pots and pans up to the right temperature.

For those who detest cleaning up after meals, an induction hob’s smooth glass top makes cleaning up after cooking a breeze. Additionally, an induction hob allows for immediate cleanup after use without waiting for the surface to cool. Since the flame is visible and adjustable whenever you need to change temperatures, gas hobs provide superior temperature control.

Consider how many dishes you often prepare at once. A kitchen hob with two burners is more than enough if you frequently make one-pot meals or have additional cooking utensils like a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or air fryer that don’t require stove use. Consider purchasing a kitchen hob with three or more burners if you enjoy cooking multiple dishes at once or simmering soups.

3.   Cooking Method

In general, you can cook a variety of cuisines on all sorts of cooker hobs if you have a strong foundation in cooking. And yes, induction hobs can also produce wok hei flavours; they are not solely possible on gas hobs. All you need is a really hot wok with a flat base and the appropriate skills.

4.   Current Cookware

Gas hobs are more adaptable in terms of the cookware that can be utilised. Therefore, a gas burner is preferable if you enjoy cooking with cookware like claypots, glassware, ceramic pots, or traditional woks with a curved bottom. To work on an induction burner, your cooking tool must be magnetic and flat. The majority of cookware will function on ceramic hobs, but for proper heat conduction, they also need pots and pans with flat surfaces. It does take some time for cast iron cookware to heat up on a ceramic hob, if you prefer using it. When using them on a ceramic or induction stove, you’ll also want to take extra precautions because the hefty, gritty substance will easily scratch the glass surface.

5.   Budget

The selection of gas and induction hobs is much larger in Singapore. As a result, you can purchase more affordable models for them, with a three-burner gas hob starting at around $300 and a four-zone induction range starting at roughly $500. Less prevalent and costing roughly $500 are ceramic hobs.

6.   Safety

Because there is no open flame or chance of a gas leak, choose an induction stove for safety. Because heat is contained inside the pan, an induction hob’s surface remains safe to touch even while cooking. If gas hobs are your preference, seek for models with safety features like timer controls that let the gas supply be shut off after a specified amount of time or hobs that shut off the gas supply when the flame is blown out by strong winds. You can also hire professionals to install and inspect your cooker hob for safety purposes.

7.   Hob size

It’s time to think about what size hob you need when you’ve determined your budget. The ideal time to get such a device is typically when an HDB kitchen interior design remodels is due. In fact, making all of your decisions before the makeover may allow you more freedom. Additionally, you’ll have time to consider every little detail.

All-in-one appliances, for instance, include a freestanding or built-in hob. To put it another way, you’ll need to take into account both the horizontal and vertical space between the model and your cabinets. Of course, the number of burners you require and the available space should influence your choice. In the end, consulting an expert is another sensible choice.

8.   Design style

Induction and ceramic hobs, with their flat glass tops, give a clean, sleek, and modern appeal if the design is important to you. Gas hobs can be just as attractive though. A few variants have glass surfaces with colours including black, brown, white, and grey instead of stainless steel. Although it relates to size, styling is also important. If you’re buying a range, you’ll probably have to decide between a slide-in and a freestanding type. The counters on either side of your stove will seamlessly transition to one another if it is a built-in model.

The placement of the knob is another significant distinction. The knobs on standalone appliances are often located on the oven’s front. The primary issue is that the plastic knobs on the less expensive models can melt quite easily. If you want a freestanding unit, search for one with premium metal knobs. In either case, a freestanding appliance is appropriate if you want to organise your kitchen around your stove and oven. It’s a fantastic method to incorporate a fresh unit into your current plan.

9.   Fuel Supply

For those choosing a gas hob, confirm that you already have a gas supply established at home. Depending on whether gas is delivered through piped town gas or by LPG cylinders, you will need to purchase the appropriate sort of kitchen hob.

Choose between LPG and piped town gas for new residences. To install your gas pipes and turn on your gas line, schedule an appointment with CityGas (installation and turning on the gas supply cost $150), and then submit an application for a utilities account with SP Services. If you choose LPG, be sure to designate a space in your kitchen cupboards where the cylinder can be kept upright and out of direct heat.

Are You Ready to Get Your New Cooker Hob?

In conclusion, there are a lot of other things to consider when you’re out purchasing a cooker hob. But we hope we’re able to narrow down all the important factors you need to think about. Fortunately, Yeobuild HomeStore will provide you with a thorough range of top-notch products and services right here. Just take your time and you’ll discover the best cooker hob that suits your kitchen and your cooking needs!


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