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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide dismantling and installation services for appliances?
Yes, we do provide dismantling of your old appliance and installation services for appliances that you have bought from Yeobuild HomeStore. We have a team of professional technicians who have a wide range of experience in the installation and replacement of appliances.

*The cost of these services will be listed in the individual product pages.

Are the products direct from the brand company?

Yes, all of our products are directly obtained from the brand companies in Singapore.

Are the products original?

Yes, all of Yeobuild HomeStore’s products are 100% original and authentic. Be reassured that all our products are carefully selected to serve your needs at home!

I do not know which product is best suited for my home? Can you help?

Having our roots as a home repair company in Singapore, we can certainly assist you with this! Should you require us to provide some measurements for your built-in products at home first, please contact us via phone at  (+65) 6631 8437 or email us at!

You will be given a voucher code to offset the charges of us coming down when you purchase your product.

What is the difference in buying from Yeobuild HomeStore as compared to other retail stores?
Being a sister company of Yeobuild HomeRepair, an established repair company and authorised service agent for 7 major home appliance brands in Singapore, we are able to obtain preferential rates for their products and repair services. Our strong relationship with the major appliance brands will also allow us to assist you better if there are subsequent problems with your product. Should you be thinking of replacing a faulty appliance, Yeobuild HomeStore can offer you an opportunity to have a free inspection*. If it turns out to be repairable, you will be able to save some money by repairing your appliance instead. If not, we can provide you with sound technical and practical advice on what you should be getting as a replacement based on your preferences.  

*Subject to terms and conditions.


Is my purchase covered with a warranty?

Yes. All of our products are covered with an official warranty. All warranty terms and conditions are covered by the original manufacturer unless otherwise stated.

Order and Delivery

What are the things I should prepare for my delivery?
We make our deliveries easy and convenient for our customers. There is absolutely nothing that you need to prepare for the delivery.
How do I change my address for my order?
We want to make sure we deliver the package to the right address so please call us at  (+65) 6631 8437 or email us at for changes to it.
How do I change my delivery appointment?
We want you to be there once we deliver the package so please call us at  (+65) 6631 8437 or email us at for changes to your preferred delivery appointment date.
How long does it take for my orders to be processed?

All orders are processed within the next working day. Checkout today and your order will be processed in the next 24 hours for delivery.

What are the delivery schedules for orders?

We will contact you for the most convenient time to deliver the item you ordered from our store.

Do we have delivery charges?

None. No delivery charges are being checked out from our customer’s payment.

How do I track my order?
We know you're excited to receive your order. We can track it for you if you call us at  (+65) 6631 8437 or email us at

Payment Method

Can I purchase using a card issued abroad?

Yes, we do accept payments made from cards issued abroad. Take note that additional charges may be applicable for banking charges or foreign exchange fees. Kindly contact your credit card company for more information.

Are there any other additional fees?

There are no additional fees with our transactions. Installation and dismantling cost may be applicable for some appliances. These will be stated on the appliance page.

Do we offer installment packages?

Right now, we can only process one-time payment. We will let you know once installment plan becomes available at Yeobuild HomeStore.

What to do when I experience difficulty in payment?
We're sorry if you are having difficulties processing your payment. Please contact us via phone at  (+65) 6631 8437 or email us at so that we can assist you further.
Are the prices inclusive of GST?
No, we are not a GST-registered company.
What are the payment methods accepted?

At Yeobuild HomeStore, we accept all credit card payments.

Return and Exchange

How long does it take for me to receive my refund?

We are committed to delivering the best services for our customers. We will be more than happy to process your refunds in a span of 3 working days.

What protection does Lemon Law offer me?

Yes, we take care of your consumer rights. Please check this link for more information.

What if I bought a defective item?
Our technicians will test the product upon installation. In case it doesn't work, we will liaise directly with the manufacturer. If our technicians are not the one who installed the product, kindly contact the manufacturer for more information regarding the damage or defect. Please follow the product manual carefully to avoid any damages to the product and to preserve the warranty. Should you have issues contacting them, please contact us via phone at  (+65) 6631 8437 or email us at so that we can assist you further.
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