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How Sustainable Washing Machines Promote A Greener Lifestyle This 2024

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We all know how washing machines use up a lot of water and electricity. Fortunately, as washing machines continue to evolve, there have been the emergence of a variety of energy-efficient machines available. They’re gentler on clothes and more efficient than ever, and some smart washers available today even have the added features of telling how much detergent and what eco settings to use, and even notify your smartphones when a load cycle is finished.

How Does A Washing Machine Qualify to Be Sustainable?

A lot of home appliance companies have adapted to the rise in eco-friendly solutions for appliances. A variety of digital marketing consultants have also put more effort in social media marketing and partnered with influencers. They talk about how their washing machines are different from older models which use more energy and water. More individuals are starting to become conscious and go above and beyond in regular duties thanks to social media marketing. This has further helped spread this mindset of seeing eco-friendly washers as a viable solution for a greener lifestyle. 

As mentioned, eco-friendly washers nowadays are distinguished from other types based on factors such as water and energy use, reliability. Models must contain qualities that succeed in a variety of key environmental assessments, including:

1. Water conservation

This is gauged by a washer’s total water consumption, for both hot and cold, per pound of laundry.

2. Energy usage

This is determined by the amount of electricity required to operate a washer, heat the water it uses, and dry clothing after washing. Less energy is used during a tumble dry cycle in washers that extract more water while spinning the clothing.

3. Brand reliability

Repairs will probably be needed less frequently, and the washing machine may last longer if it is less likely to break. Because it eliminates waste and the environmental impact of producing replacements, this is better for the environment. They also make excellent investments.

4. Gentleness

How harsh a machine is on washed materials serves as a gauge for this. After all, the more durable your clothing is, the less frequently you will need to replace it.

5. Weight and volume

The environmental impact of a washing machine starts long before the equipment even enters a consumer’s home. In order to determine how much raw material was used to create the equipment, you weigh and measure the appliance.

6. Special features

If the washer’s eco settings or additional cycles make it run more effectively, such as automatically reducing the amount of water and detergent used or temperatures, such features are given credit.


What Makes Front-Load Washers the Greener Option?

Compared to their top-loading counterparts, front-loading washing machines use about 7500 gallons less water annually. That equates to nearly 50 full standard bathtubs. Front-loaders can also significantly reduce your energy use. By first utilising less water, which requires less power from heaters, and then by using quicker spin cycles. Because front-loaders extract more water from your clothes, they don’t need to dry for as long. Although front-loaders are typically more expensive than top-loaders, the long-term savings outweigh the initial cost.

Yeobuild HomeStore’s Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Washers

Beko is one of the most widely used brands of home appliances from Turkey. Most of our green choice washers are highly efficient Beko front-loaders, with family-size capacity ranging between 7.5kg and 10kg available in its laundry line.


1. Beko WCV8736XS0 Front Load Washing Machine 8.0kg

Excellent features are available in the Beko WCV8736XS0 8KG front-load washing machine. You can be guaranteed to get your clothing expertly cleaned with the 8 kg washing capacity, 1200 rpm maximum spin speed, ProSmart Inverter Motor, which is high-efficiency, high-durability, and low-noise.

2. Beko WCV9746X0 Front Load Washing Machine 9.0kg

The Beko WCV9746X0 9KG Front Load Washing Machine is also a good eco-friendly choice among households. It has a 9kg front loading washer that employs the most efficient Steam Technology to help remove stains and has a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm.

3. Beko WCV9736XC0 Front Load Washing Machine 9.0kg

With its wealth of functions, the Beko WCV9736XC0 9KG Front Load Washing Machine makes care for your clothes more convenient than ever. Prosmart Inverter Motor, Prewash SteamCure Fast Bluetooth function, Child Lock, and Time Delay 0-24hrs function are among its features.

Beko washing machines are generally water and energy efficient, with the majority of models having a four-star rating or higher. Second, Beko washing machines include useful functions like autodose, drum light, and reload that enable homeowners to customise their wash cycle and accommodate the occasional sock inserted midway through the cycle. The little things matter most.

Yeobuild HomeStore Stands For A Greener Earth Through Sustainable Appliances

The water and energy ratings should be taken into account whether you’re looking for the most energy-efficient machine or one on a budget because they offer a useful indication of how much money you will spend over time. You should also look at online reviews and ratings to see how different washing machine brands stack up in terms of price and other factors.

Check out Yeobuild HomeStore’s roster of appliances for more sustainable solutions today!


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