How to Keep Your Cooker Hob Clean During Circuit Breaker

It serves as the center of attraction in your kitchen so keeping your cooker hob clean at all times, especially now that we are on a circuit breaker, is very essential. Sounds easy? Bet you not. Imagine cooking Hainanese chicken rice and it overflows to your hob’s surface. Or when your Chili Crab spills and you’re about to wipe it clean then your baby suddenly cries.

Truth is a bitter pill to swallow and sad to say, cooker hobs can get too dirty in just a couple of minutes. And because we are still on Extended Circuit Breaker that means you and your whole family are confined at the four corners of your home. As a result, you have more time now to cook more often.  You would not want a dirty or damaged cooker hob though especially during these times (in case you need a repair though, you can avail it here.)

Before we get down and dirty, let’s prepare these cleaning materials first:

  1. A natural multi-surface cleaning liquid – you don’t want hazardous chemicals from ordinary soap/cleaner in your food
  2. Soft scrubbing brush – you will use this if you have a stainless steel cooker hob, otherwise use a soft cleaning cloth
  3. 2 microfibre or soft cleaning cloth – to avoid scratches on your glass or ceramic cooker hob
  4. Any small soft brush like a toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach areas
  5. A bucket – you can move it anywhere and it is way easier to use compared to your sink

Glass or Ceramic Cooker Hob

glass hob yeobuild homestore

Glass and Ceramic hobs look stylish and elegant in your kitchen. This perk though comes with a price. These two are very delicate to maintain compared to a stainless steel hob. You have  to be extra careful when cleaning it as a small scratch can diminish its value. This is how to make it look new again.

  1. Wipe all loose food debris and spillages.
  2. Spray small amounts of the cleaning liquid into your hob
  3. Leave it as is for 10-15 minutes
  4. Wipe away the cleaning liquid using one of your microfibre or soft-cleaning cloth.
  5. If there are stubborn dirt or grimes in your hob, try wiping it repeatedly using the soft-cleaning cloth. Again, ever use a brush on your ceramic or glass hob to avoid scratches.

TIP: Using vinegar will help disinfect your hob’s surface.

Stainless Steel Cooker Hob

aluminum hob yeobuild homestore

The sturdiness and anti-rust attributes of a stainless steel hob is what makes it the unanimous choice for most houses. Even though it is very durable even with heavy use, it is still susceptible to stains, spillages and rust. You do not want though that the dirt and grime are accumulated since it might cause more damage. Though they look hardy, stainless steel hobs are the trickiest to clean so investing in a high-quality hob will help you minimize the expenses spent on maintenance, repair or replacement. Here are a few easy steps to keep it shiny and pristine:        

For the burners, rings and grate

  1. Remove the burners, rings and grates from the hob
  2. Soak it in hot water to remove grease and soften the stain
  3. Leave it for 2 minutes
  4. Soak it in a mixture of dish soap and tap water
  5. Leave for 5 minutes
  6. Use the soft-scrubbing brush/toothbrush to wipe away the dirt thoroughly.
  7. Use the microfibre or soft cleaning cloth for buffing
  8. Dry it thoroughly before returning them

For the hob

  1. Wipe or spray it with the multi-purpose cleaning liquid
  2. Leave it for 2 minutes
  3. Wipe the liquid with the microfibre or soft cleaning cloth
  4. Use the soft-scrubbing brush/toothbrush on hard-to-reach areas
  5. Wipe the debris
  6. Use a dry microfibre or soft cleaning cloth for buffing

TIP: You can use a baby oil to bring your stainless steel cooker hob into a high shine. Just drop small amounts into a soft-cleaning cloth and apply it to the hob and its parts.

Cleaning your cooker hobs regularly has a lot of benefits.

  • You will save your precious dollars from being spent on repairs or a replacement because it is well-maintained. How about spending it instead in cooking a delicious laksa?
  • You help Mother Earth by saving time and energy when you are using a clean cooker hob.  Clean and efficient cooking makes the world greener by minimizing air pollution.
  • It just feels better to cook if your cooker hob is not messy. A filthy cooker hob, especially upon waking up, is not very encouraging to look at anyways.
  • You keep away the unnecessary visitors (Hello ants and cockroaches). A clean house is still the most effective repellent.
  • Lastly and maybe the most important nowadays. You will eliminate unwanted elements like bacteria and viruses by cleaning it regularly. Talk about timely advice.


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