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Kitchen appliances are an indispensable component of any home. So when you want to remodel or fix your kitchen to conform to modern trends, you cannot simply brush off how the appliances would fare with the whole aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. Since every efficient kitchen consists of appliances, you have to think of them as well. Designing an efficient kitchen can be a tall order, but it pays off in the end. To guide you in fixing your kitchen appliances in a modern yet functional way, we have curated a list of kitchen appliance trends that you cannot simply miss.

Bluetooth Sync

hiding cooker hoods Kitchen Appliance Trends You Cannot Miss bluetooth synch


Kicking off our list is Bluetooth sync. We know well that Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is utilized in the exchange of data between your mobile device and a fixed device over a short distance. With the integration of Bluetooth in your kitchen, you will no longer be needing to wait for a long while before you get the job done. You won’t even be needing to rely on the times.

To do this, you need to have Bluetooth-ready appliances such as a microwave oven. Then, you would need to sync your phone with such appliances. Once you do so, you can easily perform functions such as turning the lights on, turning off the timer, and the like.

Hiding Cooker Hoods

hiding cooker hoods Kitchen Appliance Trends You Cannot Miss

A cooker hood is usually a great fixture in a kitchen. Because of its location and its size, it may be the first thing that you would see if you enter a kitchen. If you want to highlight other appliances, then you may want to embrace the trend of hiding them. Let other kitchen appliances get the spotlight for once and let them shine through your sleek kitchen. What will you do with the cooker hoods then? You have to find a way to blend it with the aesthetics of the kitchen so that it will not feel compromised.

Pops of Color

Pops of Color yeobuild homestore

When we are talking about kitchen appliance trends, we are not simply referring to the functionality of these appliances. We must also consider how they look and how they fare to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. At present, more and more companies provide colorful appliances that may suit a variety of kitchen aesthetics. Retro fridges, for instance, add an exciting pop of color to your kitchen. These pops of color tend to become the focal point of your kitchen, so you better plan them well.

Side-by-side refrigeration

refrigerator maintenance tips

For some apparent reason, side-by-side refrigeration is returning to the limelight. Side-by-side refrigeration refers to those with two doors that you can open side-ways. We all know that what trended before was those fridges with a huge freezer drawer on the bottom. Apparently, it has been taken over by these side-by-side refrigerators.

We suggest that you pair this type of refrigerator with a good set of other appliances, cabinets, and countertops. This way, your fridge will complement the other parts of your kitchen rather than just standing out on its own.

LCD Digital Interface

kitchen trends yeobuild homestore

Earlier, we have mentioned that many kitchen appliances now integrate Bluetooth technology with them. The advancement of these appliances does not stop there. Now, many of these appliances allow you to communicate with them with your phones through a large LCD digital interface.

These interfaces are sure to make your lives easier. You may simply have to plug in a recipe. Your stove will do the rest of the cooking. The stove will do the specification of the recipe, including the number of condiments or the amount of time needed for cooking.

Finger Touches

 yeobuild homestore cooker hood kitchen trends

One of the best kitchen appliance trends in 2020 that we love is the integration of finger touches on your appliances. Finger touches replace knobs, making cooking or preparing dishes much more convenient. Rather than using field heat, finger touch works by using electromagnetic heat. It is able to help turn on your range and control the flames simply with the use of a swipe and a touch. Instead of rotating the knob, you will see indicators that will let you adjust the intensity of the flame. This trend is a fun and easy way to have smoother kitchen usage.

Smart Technology

Kitchen Appliance Trends You Cannot Miss smart technology yebouild homestore singapore

Since we are talking about kitchen appliance trends, there is no denying that smart appliances are a perfect part of this list. They do a variety of tasks, making your job a whole lot easier. For instance, they can help diagnose appliance problems easier. Moreover, they would allow you to communicate with other smart devices as well. They contribute a lot in helping you cook, bake, clean, and a whole lot more.

For instance, a smart oven connects to the internet to let you start pre-heating while you are on your way home. A smart fridge has a smart TV that can serve as the memo board of the family.

The Use of Steam Ovens


Completing our list of kitchen trends to look out for is an up and coming appliance that you may want to buy for your home. Steam ovens, also known as convection ovens, cook faster than traditional ovens. They keep moisture in better than the traditional ones, allowing the food to be cooked evenly. Plus, they can keep more nutrients while eliminating the use of oil. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but they also boast of health efficiency. Try a steam oven in your kitchen today.

Wrapping Up


For a lot of homeowners, the kitchen is where all the magic lies. Hence, keeping it up-to-date with its aesthetics and latest technology is a must to ensure its homey ambience amid the dynamic trends. Yet, we must always ensure that your appliances are on par with the designs. By applying the different kitchen appliance trends that we have mentioned above, then it will not be difficult for you to create a stunning kitchen for you and your family.

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