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10 Best Tips to Follow When Buying A Refrigerator in Singapore

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Making a decision that you will have to live with every day when purchasing a refrigerator. It’s a major choice. You have a wide range of alternatives given the wide variety of refrigerator styles and types. Consequently, a refrigerator buying guide is necessary. There is a refrigerator out there calling your name, whether your budget is less than $600 for a basic model or more than $3,000 for a door-in-door fridge with a ton of options. Simply conduct some research before clicking the “buy” button.


Yeobuild HomeStore’s Refrigerator Buying Guide

1. Measure Your Refrigerator Space

Measure all passageways and halls that your refrigerator will travel through during delivery. You must measure everything before making an investment in a new refrigerator. Start with the location of the refrigerator. Ensure that no islands or walls will be struck by the door. Additionally, make sure to leave enough space for ventilation—at least an inch all around.

Then, take a look at the entrance the refrigerator will use to enter your kitchen. Fridges don’t just materialize out of nowhere! Because the hallway door is too small or the stairs are too windy, many deliveries come to an emotional and frustrating finish. It might sound like overkill, but if you’re in a small apartment, you can construct a cardboard model of the refrigerator and move it from your porch to your kitchen to try it out.

2. Pick a Refrigerator Style

Every household can find a refrigerator configuration that works for them. French-door versions are highly well-liked due to their upscale appearance. In spite of the fact that side-by-side refrigerators can fit more easily in a small kitchen because of their narrow doors, some consumers prefer the convenience of bottom freezers since they keep fresh items at eye level. 

Most refrigerators fall into these main categories:

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Models with a top freezer are great for having a lot of storage in a small space. The most room for their size is often provided by these conventional refrigerators. The widths range from 24 to 33 inches. The overall usable capacity barely rises to 20 cubic feet, despite the manufacturers’ claims of capacities of up to 24 cubic feet, according to our measurements. Make room for the doors to swing widely, and get used to stooping to access lower shelves and drawers.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Although the reported capacity of bottom-freezer refrigerators approaches 26 cubic feet and their widths range from 24 to 33 inches, our measurements reveal that their total usable area is less than that of equivalent top-freezers. Your refrigerator shelves may be easily scanned, as opposed to the freezer being at eye level (top freezers are also less expensive). Just get used to leaning over and searching among frozen food.

French-Door Refrigerators

French-door refrigerators have a freezer below and two little doors on top. There may be one or more drawers between them on occasion. There are 28 to 37 inch widths available. Although the maximum amount of usable space is only 21 cubic feet, claimed capacities reach as high as 31 cubic feet. The benefit of opening only half the fridge while storing smaller things is provided by the space-saving small-swing doors.

Then there is the matter of width and depth. Every dishwasher has the same width. There are only two widths for washers and dryers. There are refrigerators everywhere. The aforementioned refrigerator designs all exist in different widths.

3. Determine Your Budget

One of the primary considerations when purchasing a refrigerator is cost. There is a wide range of top-notch refrigerators at a range of price points. Decide how much you can spend before you start looking for a refrigerator. While French-door refrigerators start closer to $1,000 or $1,500 and increase from there, a simple, high-quality top freezer can be purchased for under $600.

4. Consider the Storage

The number of cubic feet of storage your refrigerator (and how much freezer space) requires will depend on the size of your kitchen and the eating patterns of your household. There are refrigerators that make excellent use of space and some that don’t, even though the footprint of the fridge may be constrained by the layout of your kitchen. For instance, indoor ice dispensers are practical but they take up space that could be used to store additional items.

Additionally, some refrigerators have adjustable and movable shelves. Don’t forget to think about how you can alter the shelves. The need to fit a sheet cake, a deli platter, and four bottles of wine can arise at any time.

5. Inspect the Finish

Pick a finish for your refrigerator that looks fantastic in your kitchen since you’ll be gazing at it every day.

  • Stainless: A stainless steel refrigerator has a classic, sleek, shiny appearance. Most stainless refrigerators on the market now are smudge-proof, so you won’t have to spend hours wiping off fingerprints.
  • Black stainless steel is the newest finish, but because each brand has its own interpretation, it might be challenging to mix brands. Black stainless steel is easier to clean since it doesn’t show fingerprints. Magnets will adhere to the majority of black stainless steel finishes, however they are prone to scratching, so use caution while utilizing them.

If you want to coordinate with the other appliances in your kitchen, choose one of the timeless finishes—plain black or white. Black or white refrigerators are typically less expensive than those made of stainless or black stainless steel.

  • Other colors: Bisque and almond are still around, but they’re not very well-liked. The design-focused company Smeg also offers dramatic color options.

refrigerator buying guide

6. Consider the Other Special features

Even though you might not care about bells and whistles, make sure the models you’re considering include features like ice and water dispensers, gallon-size containers in the doors, adjustable shelves, and door alarms. Today, you may choose from refrigerators with artisan ice makers, smart features, door-in-door designs, air filters, and more. Here are some useful characteristics to take into account while choosing your new refrigerator.

  • Flex drawers are a trendy new feature that may be found on French doors. They are temperature-controlled drawers. To retain products at a predetermined temperature that is either too warm or too cold to apply to your entire fridge, you can use flex drawers.
  • Unlike conventional refrigerators, which use a single evaporator to chill both the freezer and the refrigerator, dual evaporators employ individual evaporators for each. This feature can maintain superior air quality throughout your refrigerator, possibly extending the shelf life of your fresh produce and keeping your refrigerator odor-free.
  • A lot of refrigerators have crisper drawers to segregate your fruits and vegetables and keep produce fresher for longer because as many fruits ripen, they generate ethylene gas, which causes other fresh foods like fruits and vegetables to rot prematurely. For instance, more recent Bosch refrigerators incorporate an ethylene gas filter to attempt to address this issue.

7. Check the Touch and feel

The appliance in your home that gets used the most is probably your fridge. Although stainless appliances can be fingerprint-prone despite their sleek appearance when spotless, numerous firms have introduced appliance lines with smudge-proof finishes, such as black stainless steel.

You can probably accurately recall what it feels like to open the door and reach for the milk if you close your eyes. So just as essential as how it looks is how your new refrigerator feels. For instance, refrigerators with recessed handles can be of interest to you because they can give the appliance a more contemporary appearance. Even if you’re making an online purchase, it’s still beneficial to visit a physical store to get some hands-on experience.

8. Gather Customer Reviews 

To discover what professionals and owners have to say, visit our website and others. Not all refrigerators are very good at keeping food at the right temperature to make it safe. When viewed collectively, user reviews might show patterns in terms of dependability and quality. Not to be overlooked are suggestions made by friends and family members, which are frequently the most insightful and unique reviews available.

9. Select Your Preferred Delivery Option

Any refrigerator buying guide would say that delivery day might go well or it can go horribly wrong. Appliance damage is more likely to happen in the final fifty feet leading to your house rather than in the factory. All of the protective cardboard and foam are pulled off once the vehicle arrives.

Look into your choices. Don’t assume that’s always the case; some vendors may include delivery and installation in the cost of the refrigerator. Additionally, find out how your refrigerator will be delivered. Protect your flooring, stairs, and door moldings if the delivery service utilizes a two-wheeler; failing to do so could result in damage.

Before signing, give the refrigerator a thorough inspection. Check the house’s floor and walls. Are there any dings, dents, or holes? It can be considerably more difficult to argue your point after they depart.

Then, exercise patience. Since the pandemic, supply chain hiccups have periodically affected the accessibility of specific appliances, and customers have occasionally had to wait weeks or months for delivery. You’ll need to hunt for a refrigerator that is now in stock if you can’t wait.

10.  Check Out Yeobuild HomeStore for the Best Selections of Refrigerators in Singapore

When you find yourself in doubt about where to buy your new refrigerator, you can never go wrong when you shop at Yeobuild HomeStore. This refrigerator buying guide is proof of that! What makes your shopping experience so much better is that we will be able to suggest the best refrigerator that is perfect for you, your family, and your home. Each refrigerator has special features and qualities that would better suit you, so rest assured that our experts will be able to guide you in finding the best one.

refrigerator buying guide

Yeobuild HomeStore’s Refrigerator Buying Guide is Here for All Your Refrigerator Needs

It’s time to go shopping once you’ve decided on a fridge style, the necessary measurements, and the features you desire. 

We hope refrigerator buying guide will be able to help you out in your purchase decision. You can also choose to have your current refrigerator repaired so that it will be restored to new condition if you don’t immediately need a new refrigerator.  When you need expert repair or maintenance services to prevent downtime and keep preserving your food, Yeobuild HomeRepair’s qualified specialists are at your beck and call. Contact us right away and let us know what we can do to help!


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