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Fridge Odour Absorber

000 points

Stove Cleaner Metal Brush

000 points

Stove Degreaser

000 points

Stove Vitroceramic Glass Cleaner

000 points

Stove Glass Scraper

000 points

Microwave Spray Cleaner

000 points

Microwave Oven Cleaning Tool (Deodorizer)

000 points

Microfiber Cloth

000 points

Washing Machine Cleaner

000 points

Washing Machine Cleaner (Bulk)

000 points

Oven Spray Cleaner

000 points

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Fridge Odour Absorber

Cartoon Fridge Odour Absorber

Say goodbye to unpleasant fridge odors with the Cartoon Fridge Odour Absorber. This universal solution is designed to effectively eliminate intense food smells from your refrigerator without affecting the taste or aroma of your stored food. Its innovative formula ensures a fresh and inviting fridge environment, making every opening of your fridge a pleasant experience.

The Cartoon Fridge Odour Absorber is incredibly efficient and long-lasting, providing up to three months of odor control. Its unique indicator gel gradually changes color, clearly showing you when it’s time for a replacement, so you never have to guess.

Adding a touch of charm to functionality, this absorber comes in the delightful form of a fancy bear, seamlessly blending into your fridge’s interior. It’s not just a practical solution but also an attractive addition to your kitchen.

Keep your fridge fresh and your food delicious with the Cartoon Fridge Odour Absorber. A simple, stylish, and effective way to maintain a clean and pleasant smelling refrigerator.

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