Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler


The Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler includes a turbo fan, a dismountable guard grill for easy cleaning, and a removable drawer style water tank (6L). It also includes a timer that can run between 0.5 and 7.5 hours. This air cooler also includes 3 wind modes (Natural, Normal or Sleep).

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Specifications of Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler

Air Cooler with Turbo Fan
Dismountable Guard Grill For Easy Cleaning
Removable Water Tank (6L Capacity)
Drawer Style Water-Tank
Remote Control
0.5-7.5Hrs Timer
3 Wind Modes (Natural/Normal/Sleep)
Cooling: Water Cycling System
Dismountable Cooler Master Filter
Dustproof Filter
110W Power

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