Aerogaz AZ-720F



The Aerogaz AZ-720F is a highly specialised cooker hob that is made of tempered glass that could suit your home cooking needs. It has 2 burners from the 80 cm tempered glass and a special feature called the Flame Failure Device. It is a key safety feature for your cooker responsible for stopping the flow of gas to the burner if the flame has been extinguished for any reason. This will prevent the build-up of harmful gas inside your cooker and kitchen.

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Specifications of  Aerogaz AZ-720F :

– 80cm tempered glass gas hob
– 2 burners
– Cast iron pan support
– Flame failure device
– Battery operated ignition
– Actual dimension : W780 x D450mm
– Cut out size : W660-760 x D365-430mm



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Type Of Appliance

Cooker Hob

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Cooker Hob Material

Tempered Glass

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Cooker Hob Type

Table Top

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