Turbo Incanto T702SSV 70cm 2-burner Built-In Hob



Turbo Incanto T702SSV 77cm 2-burner built-In Hob is a highly specialized cooker hob that is made of stainless steel that could suit your home cooking needs. It has a double burner affixed with an inner ring control device and has a cast iron pot stand. It is very convenient to use and easy to clean shiny metal.


W700 x D500 x H60mm


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Specifications of Turbo Incanto T702SSV 70cm 2 Burners Built-In Hob:

4.75-kilowatt double ring wok burner with inner ring control device
Rapid burner affixed with inner ring control device
Copper alloy burners with safety valve
Cast iron pot stand
Ignition System: Built-in battery operated
Control Knobs: Alloy laser coating
Surface Dimensions: W700 x D500 x H60mm
Cut-out: W550 x D455mm (R120mm)



Type Of Appliance

Cooker Hob

Cooker Hob Ignition Type


Cooker Hob Material

Stainless Steel

Cooker Hob Subcategory

No. of Burners


Cooker Hob Type

Table Top

Product Width (in mm)


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Product Depth (in mm)


Gas Type


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