Mayer MMWC28MAG-WD Wine Chiller


Mayer MMWC28MAG-WD Wine Chiller (Elemental Series)  comprises of 1 zone, a seamless structure, LED light, three-layer glass entryway for upgraded UV assurance, touch control, and compressor direct cooling. It additionally has a free-standing establishment, 28 standard containers limit, and temperature extends 4-18°C for single zones.

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Specifications of the Mayer MMWC28MAG-WD Wine Chiller:

• Elemental Series

• 1 zone

• Seamless design

• LED light

• 3 layer glass door for enhanced UV protection

• Touch control

• Compressor direct cooling

• Free-standing installation only

• 28 standard bottles capacity

• Temperature range: 4-18°C for single zones

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