The Best Washing Machines in Singapore

As time has gone on and technology has developed, washing machines have also changed. These days, individuals have access to countless options, which makes picking the ideal appliance a little trickier. But first, you have to know that washers have various kinds, with various functions and advantages. How do you decide which kind of washing machine to purchase when the time comes? You can choose between a classic top-loading washer and a modern, effective front-loading washer. Top load washing machines were the sole option for a very long time, but now every major appliance manufacturer is producing a flood of dynamic top load and front load washers. Find out the best one that would suit your lifestyle and needs!

The Types of Washing Machines


1.   Front Load Washers

Front-loading washers are an excellent alternative. Instead of using an agitator to wash the clothes, front-load washers rely on one object rubbing against another to do the dirty work. They are hardly filled with water, just enough to reach the door level. With a front loader, large items will be washed more efficiently, and since they spin so swiftly, drying can begin sooner.


2.   Top Load Washers

Top-loading washers are typically more handy since you can load and unload clothing without bending over. Top-loading washers often stand at an optimal height to save the bother of bending down for elderly customers or those with joint concerns.


To help you select the ideal washing machine for your home, we have decided to break down a list today. You may find general advice to keep in mind when purchasing a new appliance as well as our picks for the best washing machines available in Singapore below.

The Top 8 Best Washing Machines in Singapore


1.   Midea MF768W Front Load Washer

Front-load washers deliver a quick, spotless wash at your fingertips. With Water Magic Flow and water drop drum technology, Midea front-load washers are more advanced than ever. Different washing processes expedite and efficiently complete your laundry, ensuring that your family always has clean clothes. The Midea MF768W Front Load Washer has a large capacity for clothing, towels, and other items weighing up to 7kg. Modern Front Load Washers from Midea include Water Magic Flow and water drop drum technology to enhance washing efficiency. The speedy and effective completion of your laundry ensures that everyone in your family has clean items to wear.

Midea MF768W Front Load Washer


2.   EuropAce ETW 7800T Top Load Washing Machine 8.0 kg

The fact that the EuropAce ETW 7800T Top Load Washing Machine includes an anti-bacterial pulsator and 3 Ticks Water Efficiency makes it one of the best washing machines in Singapore. Additionally, it has a Stainless Steel Honeycomb inner Drum, a tempered glass cover, a lint-free filter, and an Anti-Rust PP body.  All of which help to extend the life of the washer. By including a soft-close feature, you may stop worrying about accidentally damaging your appliance when you close the door too forcefully. Mocha and a sophisticated champagne gold color are the other two color options for this item.

EuropAce ETW 7800T Top Load Washing Machine 8.0 kg

3.   Midea MF200W85B Front Load Washing Machine 8.5kg

If you’re looking for a heavy duty washing machine that can handle loads upon loads of your laundry, this model definitely makes a big splash. The Midea MF200W85B Front Load Washer has a large capacity and can handle loads of soiled clothing, towels, and other items weighing up to 8.5kg. There are 14 programs in this Midea front-load washer that can assist you with your various demands on laundry day! Various features like ECO, Allergy Care, Bulky, Steam Care, and more, are all included.

Midea MF200W85B Front Load Washing Machine 8.5kg

4.   ELBA EWF 1075 VT 7.0KG Front Load Washer

This EWF 1075 VT washer has a washing capacity of 7.0kg with temperature adjustment options. It receives an A++ for energy efficiency and three ticks for water efficiency. Features like temperature selection options, and time delay options of 3, 6, 9, to 12 hours, among others, benefits those who care about the environment and want to contribute to its preservation. Only  a high-powered washer that uses energy and water as efficiently as possible can satisfy that kind of green lifestyle.

ELBA EWF 1075 VT 7.0KG Front Load Washer

5.   Toshiba TW-BK115G4S Front Load Washer 10.5kg

With a large capacity of 10.5kg, the Toshiba TW-BK115G4S Front Load Washer can accommodate a lot of dirty garments. After the well-known Japanese painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” this washer uses a ground-breaking technique called “The Great Waves.” It is based on flush wave and cold wash and produces great laundry savings and color protection. Additionally, ColorAlive, which offers excellent color protection, is included. The degree of decolorization has decreased by 39% as a result of employing the ColorAlive program, which has been approved by the Household Electricity Appliance Research Institute. This washer employs a true inverter, which is more efficient, long-lasting, and quieter by 11.4% when compared to a normal motor.

Toshiba TW-BK115G4S Front Load Washer 10.5kg


6.   Tecno TFL 8112 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine

The Tecno TFL 8112 8.5kg front load washing machine is a certified all-purpose workhorse that gets the job done. This sleek washer has a stainless steel drum with a wide opening door with an automatic lock. It is definitely designed with a myriad of impressive qualities that make up one powerful washing device. It has 11 program selections, temperature selections of 20 up to 90 degrees celsius drum cleansing and intensive wash, a delay timer from 3 up to 24 hours, and a fully automatic function with 1,200rpm. Upgraded to be more energy efficient, with additional washing routines to accommodate all types of laundry. Their Bionic Care technology also offers a more gentle and clean wash.

Tecno TFL 8112 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine


7.   Hafele Combi 8/6kg Washer & Dryer

With a huge capacity of up to 8kg, the Hafele Combi 8/6kg Washer & Dryer can handle a lot of dirty clothes, etc. The Hafele Combi Washer Dryer HWD-C07A has a 6kg drying capacity and an 8kg washing capacity. You can utilize its 16 programs on the day of your laundry to satisfy all of your needs. Among the programs that are offered are those for wool, cotton, steam care, cold wash, spin alone, and more. Its maximum spin speed with a brushless DC electric motor is 1400 rpm. Both an electromagnetic lock and a white LED digital display are present. It provides 16 programs with an A for energy efficiency.

Hafele Combi 8/6kg Washer & Dryer

8.    Beko WTE7511B0 Front Load Washing Machine 7.0kg

The front-loading Beko WTE7511B0 washing machine cleans clothes incredibly well and is definitely worth the price. You can use it to wash both your bulky and delicate garments. You will be astounded at how well it functions even in an area with very hard water because of its Aquawave Technology, which cleans your clothing as you wear them. This machine features a 15 Washing Program in addition to the Daily Express Program. This might perpetually help you save money on detergent.

Beko WTE7511B0 Front Load Washing Machine 7.0kg

Get Your Pick Among the Best Washing Machines in Singapore at Yeobuild HomeStore

When selecting a washing machine, everything relies on your budget and everyday needs, but it’s also critical to understand how much capacity you’ll need. The number of users of the washing machine will determine this. For instance, choosing a 6-kilogram unit for a household of 5 would put undue strain on the appliance and decrease its long-term endurance. It’s also crucial to remember that front-load washers’ greater cleaning results use less water and cause less harm to your materials. Because top load washers are more ergonomically designed and clean more thoroughly, it may come down to pricing.

Finally, always look for units that offer you water-efficient systems. This feature will help you save time and energy. Which means you will waste less on utilities at home.

When it comes to providing a vast array of options for convenient home appliances, Yeobuild HomeStore has it all. Yeobuild not only possesses professional skills in repairs and maintaining your appliance’s mint condition. We also work to direct you toward the ideal washing machine for your home. Visit our digital catalogue online to see the best local and international washing machine brands of all types today!

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