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The Best Water Heaters in Singapore (2023)

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Are you tired of taking cold showers in the morning? Do you want to enhance your home comfort with a consistent hot water supply? Then, investing in a high-quality water heater is the solution you need. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 best water heater brands available in Singapore for 2023, featuring available brands at Yeobuild HomeStore.


1.   Ariston PRO R S 80HE SIN3

Ariston PRO R S 80HE SIN3 is built with a wide range of features to meet your needs. From its concealed installation to its multi-position capabilities, you will not suffer any repercussions when using it. This product also features insulation and contemporary materials that keep the temperature inside the tank, allowing you to save energy.



2.   Ariston AN2 30 TOP WIFI 1.5 SIN

The Ariston AN2 30 TOP WIFI 1.5 SIN has brilliant control innovation. Singapore’s first-since forever WiFi-empowered keen water radiator, Andris2 Top is a pristine water heater that is furnished with a progressive brilliant innovation, a re-established extravagance plan, and a protected titanium warming component that accompanies lifetime guarantee.



3.   Ariston ANDRIS SLIM 30

Ariston ANDRIS SLIM 30 right off the bat propelled in Singapore a capacity water warmer redid to fit the washrooms in new condos and HDB level. It is a selective Italian plan to glitz up any restrooms. With this product, there is no need for you to shroud unattractive capacity water heaters.


4.   Ariston Aures Luxury ST33

With its instant heating and constant temperature capabilities, the Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 is a bespoke encounter. You can find its charm from its rich and contemporary Italian plan and innovation with future imprints. It brings along over 16.4% investment funds in service bills ensured by PSB Singapore.



5.   Ariston ANDRIS2 RS 15 1.5 SIN

Superior and straightforward to utilize, Ariston Andris 2 RS is the exemplification of extravagance and usefulness with its smooth and moderate plan. It inhales new life into the regular water radiator with AG+ Silver Ions antibacterial properties and singing anticipations highlights.



6.   Ariston ANDRIS LUX 15 OR

Experience the shocking blend of structure and capacity. The Italian Ariston Lux is made with super-ecologic protection materials and vitality can be better monitored through its improved titanium-finish tank. Its shell innovation – an ideal equalization of geometry and gathering – guarantees natural structure and suffering execution. Its solid protection from weight and consumption makes it a lasting installation in the house.


Best Water Heaters


7.   Rubine RWH-2388BHP

The Rubine RWH-2388BHP features such as instant heating and constant temperature, so you will not have a problem with it. These excellent water heaters are designed to give another degree of solace, guaranteeing a steady and predictable temperature all through the shower, improving water and vitality effectiveness.


Best Water Heaters



8.   Tecno TSH 20N Slim Storage Heater

The Tecno TSH 20N Slim Storage Heater highlights a 20L tank of water that suits your need during your bath time! It also helps you to save energy because of its Energy-saving insulation technology and it also has multifunction Safety Protection like Overheating, High pressure, and Dry-heating protection making your family safer than before!

Best Water Heaters


9.   Fujioh FZ-SH3030 Storage Water Heater 30L

Looking for a reliable and safe storage water heater for your bathroom? Look no further than the Fujioh FZ-SH3030! Made with anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and oxidation-resistant components, this 15-liter water heater is built to last and requires low maintenance. With a step-less temperature control knob and safety features, taking a relaxing and comfortable bath has never been easier. The compact design of this heater makes it an ideal utilitarian bathroom necessity for any home, ensuring you have a constant supply of hot water when you need it. Choose the Fujioh FZ-SH3030 for a durable, reliable, and safe water heating solution.

Best Water Heaters


10.               EuropAce EWH 11C Instant Water Heater

The Europace EWH-11C Water Heater is a high-quality and reliable appliance for your home. It features a 5-year heating element warranty, ensuring that you can use it with confidence for years to come. With a sleek and compact design, it can fit easily into any kitchen or bathroom. The EWH-11C is made with durable materials and is built to last. It is also energy efficient, helping to lower your electricity bills. With a convenient and easy-to-use design, this water heater is perfect for any household.


Best Water Heaters


Shop from the Best Water Heaters at Yeobuild HomeStore

Yeobuild HomeStore is a trusted retailer that provides a wide selection of water heater brands, including the ones mentioned above. Investing in a high-quality water heater from these brands ensures a consistent supply of hot water and enhances home comfort. At Yeobuild HomeStore, you can explore the various models and seek expert advice to make an informed decision.


Investing in a high-quality water heater is essential for enhancing home comfort. The top 10 best water heaters available in Singapore for 2023, featuring available brands at Yeobuild HomeStore, offer efficient, durable, reliable, and affordable options. So, visit Yeobuild HomeStore today to explore the various models and seek expert advice to make an informed decision.


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