Top 10 Cooker Hobs Brand To Consider For Your Next Kitchen Upgrade

If you’re someone who’s fond of cooking, then chances are that your go-to for meals and snacks will be the cooker hob you have at home. Maybe you just remodeled the kitchen, or maybe your old hob died, which is why you’re searching right now. There are various styles available, ranging from induction and gas to the less ostentatious cooker hob. Therefore, it’s crucial to make an informed decision to prevent future regrets and the inconvenience of having to replace it.

However, it might be difficult to locate a cooker hob in the first place because of the sheer amount of options and the amount of tech specs that must be sorted through today. Yeobuild HomeStore has chosen a few cooker hobs that stand out for us with an emphasis on the build quality, convenience of use, how it looks, and of course the pricing to assist you choose the ideal hob to go with your kitchen.

The 10 Best Cooker Hobs Brand

1. UNO Cooker Hob

UNO’s Hybrid Hobs have two different types of burners (a gas burner and an induction burner), giving you more usage options. They are armored with many safety measures, including child lock, overheating protection, and rapid ignition safety valve device.

Their models are composed of high-quality ceramic glass that is exceptionally heat resistant. The most flexible utilization is achieved with 1 gas burner and 1 induction burner. As opposed to gas burners, which offer the option of cooking intuitively with fire and any sort of cookware, induction gives a quick, safe, and effective heating method. Additionally, it incorporates sensor touch controls, a 0-240 minute timer, 9 power level options, and induction heating up to 2000W.

The high-quality ceramic glass used in the hob is incredibly heat resistant and simple to clean and maintain. A device called an instant ignition safety valve is installed in the gas burner.


A wide variety of stainless steel cooker hobs from Aerogaz have a sturdy steel finish body. With two gas burners that accommodate cast iron cookware, their appliances are made to assist you with utmost convenience in the kitchen. Shiny metal is simple to clean and extremely convenient to use.

3. TEKA Cooker Hob

Discover a new level of cooking with the Teka collection of induction hobs, most of which feature multiple cooking programs and power settings for a variety of cooking methods. Additionally, they have residual heat indicators, an automatic safety disconnect, and a kid lock, making your kitchen safer than ever.


Brass is used in the Mayer’s glass hob burners because it has a high melting point and is less prone to warping and deforming than other materials. Because of this, your Mayer gas hob burner will last longer and need less maintenance. It has a safety valve that will immediately turn off the gas supply in the case that the flame goes out due to wind or soup spillage. Cast iron, which has higher structural strength, high heat resistance, and won’t flex readily under intense stress, is the material used to make the trivets. Explosion-proof membrane technologies are used to create the tempered glass body, which strengthens by equally distributing stress. This prevents broken glass. Additionally, it features a European ignition system that is more precise, secure, and stable and has received VDE certification.

5. SMEG Cooker Hob

Customers who like contemporary style will love the touch-controlled induction hobs from Smeg. With two cook zones and a power booster feature, each zone may operate at maximum capacity for foods that require forceful cooking. This includes frying, or only to quickly bring water to a boil. You can choose the best power level for your culinary endeavors from multiple available levels. Schott Ceran ceramic, which is very resilient and temperature stable, is used to create the black glass. This substance can withstand 750 °C of sudden temperature swings. A small amount of heat escapes on the sides and most heat transfer occurs in the cooking zones.


Three induction zones and one multi-zone on the La Germania induction hobs let you adjust the cooking space to fit a certain pan size. You can choose from ten power levels with boosters on all zones for even faster cooking. Thanks to touch controls and an LED display, it is simple to use.

7. TURBO Cooker Hob

The very efficient Turbo hob collection has two different-sized hobs, each with a pot diameter detector. Consequently, they have safety features such as an automatic stop function, an overflow safety device, and a child-safety lock. You can select the ideal heat for whatever you’re cooking thanks to their multi-level front touch power settings.


With up to three adjustable burners and pan supports coated in black matte enamel, Fujioh gas hobs are ideal for cooking various dishes at once. You can expect a longer lifespan from their gas hob now that it has a rust-resistant venturi and safety valve and was built with safety in mind.

9. NEWMATIC Cooker Hob

The induction hobs from Newmatic have a brilliant zone that may be utilized with a pot of food for complete versatility. You can use any energy source to operate their devices thanks to the 13A electric force they use. Most of them have two burners, a sensor touch control with LED display. There’s a grade polish crystal plate, four intelligent cooking functions, eight power levels and eight temperature levels. It also comes with a heating coil made of pure copper, induction and infrared functions.


The three brass burners and Schott glass armor on EuropAce’s glass hobs are resistant to heat and temperature variations. It also incorporates a safety flame failure feature and a rust-proof base to increase the lifespan of the hob.

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Yeobuild HomeStore knows how challenging it may be to find the best brand from the wide variety of cooker hob manufacturers from around the world. As a result, we always work to keep your options to those that offer the best price and blend form and usefulness. For a superior cooking experience, adorn your kitchen with a cooker hob from only the greatest brands. Shop with us today!