Top 10 Cooker Hood Brands In Singapore This 2023

If you cook frequently, your kitchen needs a cooker hood. Maintaining a clean, oil-free kitchen is helpful while you make a delicious dinner. You’ll spend a tiny fraction of the time cleaning up. Whether your kitchen is closed-concept or open-concept, a cooker hood is required. The question is which cooker hood you should get. With the help of Yeobuild HomeStore, we have listed the best cooker hood brands currently on the market in Singapore in this blog!


What Does A Cooker Hood Do?

An exhaust hood, range hood, or kitchen hood are other names for a cooker hood. Nonetheless, they all really do the same thing: while you cook, they assist in sucking up the oil, grease, and odours to keep your kitchen and house as odour-free as possible. When you switch it on, air will be drawn in and passed through many filters before being reintroduced as cleaner air. It is situated immediately over your stovetop.

1.   EF

This list begins with the EF cooker hood brand. Cooker hoods from EF are extremely powerful, sleek, and exquisitely made. They have every feature a cooker hood could possibly have. Depending on how powerful you need the fan to be, you have a choice of three different fan speeds. They are among the strongest slim cooker hoods thanks to their 580 m3/h airflow suction while operating at full power. The majority of the oily air is removed by passing it through grease and charcoal filters after being drawn in. Now that there is no oil in the recirculated air, your kitchen will always be pristine.


2.   Fujioh

Fujioh’s Cooker Hoods should be your top pick if you’re seeking for a compact yet effective chimney hood. Because they are so sleek and slim, you might not even realise it is a chimney design at first glance. But once you switch it on, you’ll understand its strength. It has a tremendous amount of power and can produce an airflow of up to 510m3/h. Moreover, the filter can remove grease up to 92% with great efficiency. You may also give it a brief wash to preserve its effectiveness without fearing that you will ruin it because it is anti-rust. Do you desire a potent chimney-style cooker hood? Then Fujioh is unquestionably the best option.


3.   Hafele

With its renowned models, Hafele Appliances offers you a selection of wall-mounted hoods that significantly lower noise levels. These cooker hoods are made with cutting-edge minimalistic designs and unique features that raise the bar for kitchen elegance. You can keep your kitchen fresh with the delicate ceramic-finished hoods that Hafele offers, but they will also improve the warmth and design of the room.


4.   Turbo Incanto

When it comes to kitchen necessities, the Turbo Incanto cooker hoods are renowned for their dependability and efficiency. The Turbo chimney hoods are fantastic because they efficiently eliminate aromas and odours from your kitchen thanks to their retractable smoke guide board, 1600 m3/hr suction power, and metal fan with a Teflon coating. They also have a sleek, contemporary appearance that is ideal for today’s modern kitchens. Our kitchen hood effectively absorbs the lingering smoke, allowing you to cook with joy and without worrying about watering eyes or a dirty kitchen. Also, it has a mat carbon filter and a sensor touch control that makes adjusting the airflow setting simple.

5.   Elba

Any of Elba’s cooker hoods will work well if you want a space-saving, cheap option. The cooker hoods on the Elba, which have an all-metal appearance, will look fantastic in a contemporary kitchen. Your kitchen won’t look cluttered because they have a slim shape and take up very little room. With an extraction rate of 580 m3/h, it is also extremely powerful for a slim hood. When you switch it on vs when it is off, you will notice a noticeable change in your kitchen’s cleanliness. With its three-speed control buttons and halogen lights for convenient manoeuvring while in use, these gadgets are simple to use. And because it is a slimline hood it can be easily installed within your reach.

6.   Newmatic

The Newmatic Kitchen Wall Exhaust Hoods stand out from the majority of cooker hoods in terms of appearance. One of the most stylish cooker hoods on the market, Newmatic is renowned for its distinctively curved forms. A cooker hood from one of Newmatic’s models will undoubtedly become the focal point of your kitchen after purchase. Newmatic has extremely strong cooker hoods with airflow extraction of up to 760 m3/h in addition to having a good design. You may be confident that it is effective at eliminating the oil particles in the air because it is equipped with five layers of grease filters. With the potent Newmatic Kitchen Wall Exhaust Hood, stand out from the crowd.

7.   Aerogaz

Cooker hoods from Aerogaz are a great choice if you’re looking for a purchase that offers good value. Although it may not perform as well as the top-tier models, you can’t really complain about the pricing. If your household only cooks sometimes, a less expensive range hood is a wise investment. Aerogaz will keep your kitchen clean enough so you won’t need to perform a deep clean after each cooking expedition with 350m3/hr of airflow extraction.

cooker hood brands in Singapore

8.   Smeg

Smeg hoods, which combine high-quality design with the finest materials, reflect the beauty and style of the kitchen in which they are installed. A strong extraction level and a distinctive style that perfectly complements your kitchen are features of island hoods. When the kitchen and living space are connected, they work perfectly as ornamental accents. The intensive function enables the hood to run at full capacity, has a cleansed environment, and accelerates the removal of the most enduring odours.

cooker hood brands in Singapore

9.   Tecno

Tecno is unquestionably one of the brands that takes the cake when it comes to technology that goes above and beyond to produce top-notch outcomes. Using dual motors, its line of range hoods can provide a powerful suction force of up to 500 cubic metres per hour. This maximises the airflow through the hood’s 3-ply filter and cassette charcoal filter. Effective removal of grease and cooking odours reduces the amount of cleanup required after each cooking session. You won’t have to worry about having a low ceiling or being too tall for comfort because this has a slimline design. As almost all of its appliances have 3-speed controls, you can use less energy when you’re simply stir-frying on low heat by choosing the lower speed. With the Tecno’s cooker hoods, space limitations are a thing of the past.

cooker hood brands in Singapore

10.   La Germania Bertazzoni

La Germania only produces hoods that successfully combine form and function. As they include LED lights, you can cook on the stove in comfort and with less energy usage thanks to their extended lifespan and improved illumination. The hoods produce clean, odour-free air by providing filtration and extraction up to 800 m3h. Moreover, all primary mesh filters are dishwasher-cleanable and detachable. The filters are hidden beneath a neat, smooth, and attractive surface by the angled hood’s perimeter extraction system. La Germania’s hoods are designed for maximum convenience and have simple touch controls that make it possible to quickly and easily set the necessary extraction level. Glass and brushed steel combine in a chic way to create a hood design that works in both traditional and modern kitchens.

cooker hood brands in Singapore

11.   EuropAce

With a top-notch cooker hood from one of EuropAce’s Built-in Slim Hoods, you can keep your kitchen free of smoke and offensive odours. EuropAce is a brand that makes stainless steel ceiling cooker hoods with 200W motor output. You may even select from 3 different speeds depending on what you’re cooking thanks to their inclusion. Many features of EuropAce easily place it among the top brands on the market.

cooker hood brands in Singapore

Achieve A Fresh Kitchen At Any Time with Yeobuild HomeStore

Efficiency is the key factor when it comes to constructing a fantastic kitchen. To make your cookouts as hassle-free and cosy as possible, everything should function flawlessly, whether it’s the layout, flooring, or storage arrangements. With that in mind, a hardworking kitchen hood is an ally you’ll want on your side, especially if your kitchen is smoky and hot.

By removing hot air, odours, and other gases produced while cooking, help keep the kitchen fresh and clean. You can cook with the best outcomes while creating a clean, healthy environment if you have the best cooker hood in Singapore. Shop for the perfect cooker hood addition to your kitchen at Yeobuild HomeStore today!

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