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When To Get a New Washing Machine?

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It need not be difficult to answer the question of when to buy a new washing machine. It can frequently feel like a balancing act to decide when to buy and when to repair. However, because of the increased efficiency features, replacement is frequently the preferred option. Often, buying a new clothes washer might be a better use of the money you would spend on repairs. Just being aware that you’ll soon need a new washer might help you plan and organize. One thing to keep in mind is that new washers are just more energy efficient. So, whether your washer is in good working order or is deteriorating, buying a new washer will probably result in cost savings on your power bill.

Unfortunately, washing machines don’t last forever, so if you experience any of the following problems, you might want to think about buying a new one.

Signs It’s Time to Get A New Washing Machine

  1. Noisy

A loud, noisy washing machine might also be a sign that it’s time to buy a new washer. But then, a flat surface might also be the solution to this issue. When you press on one of the corners, the washer should move back and forth, indicating that it isn’t level. On the feet of most washers are adjustable levels. If yours does, find the tucked-in corner and adjust the level until the washer stops rocking. Consider using a leveling tool. If your washer doesn’t have levels that can be adjusted, you can put something under one of the feet. The outcome will be the same. If balancing your washer doesn’t calm it down, though, there might be a more serious issue at hand. Stop the cycle of your top-load washer and reorganize the basket of clothing.

2. Efficiency

Efficiency is just another reason to get a new washing machine. The more money you save on utility bills, the more effective your washer is. Modern washing machines control the water flow according to the size of the laundry load. In other words, a modern washer will use less water if you run a smaller load. Older washers lack this technology, therefore regardless of the size of the load, the same quantity of water is consumed.

3. Water Leaks

Every time you do laundry, if you see water on the floor, there is an issue with your washing machine. Some leakage issues can be fairly easily fixed, while others are a warning sign that it’s time to think about getting a new washing machine. Also, don’t forget to check the size of your load. Your washer will leak if the load is too large. Frequently, you may stop the leaking by reducing the amount of laundry in each load. Purchasing a new appliance is frequently more cost-effective, particularly if your washer is more than ten years old. Your best option, though, is to purchase a new washing machine if the washer tub is cracked. A damaged tub requires substantial repair, and the cost is rarely justified.

4. Paltry Odor

If your washer constantly emits a foul odor, there may be anything you can do about it. Early front-load washers had a propensity to emit persistent scents. This is a result of their improper self-cleaning. The result can be mold or mildew and even ruined laundry.

5. Age

The lifespan of a washing machine today is up to 11 years. But like with everything else, as people get older, issues tend to multiply. The fact that many manufacturers don’t just stock parts for their older versions makes the situation worse. It could be wise to just get a new washer if your old one is getting close to the 8 or 9-year mark and is starting to have problems. Additionally, you can benefit from all the most recent advancements in energy efficiency, which can significantly reduce your energy bills.

6. Fresh Dryer

If your washer is still functioning well but your clothes dryer has reached the end of its useful life, you might want to think about getting a matched pair. Your washing machine probably won’t be far behind and will require pricey repairs soon. Purchasing a matched set will remove the uncertainty surrounding when your washer will malfunction.  They will also look fantastic together. A washer and dryer combo, however, are made to function as a unit in addition to their aesthetic appeal. The capacity and efficiency of each appliance are perfectly balanced for the washing cycle. Additionally, many of their cycles, like steam, are created to work in harmony with one another.

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Remember that the average washing machine will last roughly 10 years whether you choose to get a new one or try to extend the life of your current one. Naturally, this is heavily influenced by usage frequency and upkeep. When the time comes for you to buy a new washer, Yeobuild HomeStore is the best appliance retailer in Singapore. They have a huge selection of international brands that are renowned for their energy-efficient and incredibly modern designs. Shop at our store right today!


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