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A Guide on Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine in SG

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The choice between a front load and a top load washing machine is one of the most difficult ones to make when purchasing a new laundry workhorse. Which is best, then? Below, we go through everything you should know.

Top Load Washing Machines

The conventional top loader washer has a sizable top aperture where you load the laundry. It takes longer to wash your clothing than other types of washers since it needs to fill up with water, agitate the clothes, and then drain them before beginning again with another load. However, it consumes less water than other washer types.

Front Load Washing Machines

Due to their bigger capacity and less frequent draining stops than top loaders, front loaders consume less water than top loaders.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between A Top Load and Front Load Washing Machine

1.   Ease of Use

In general, top-loading washers are more practical because you can load and unload clothing without stooping. Top-loading washers frequently stand at a comfortable height to spare older clients or those with joint issues the trouble of leaning down. To assist solve this issue, we suggest putting front-loading washers on laundry pedestals that lift them by 12 to 15 inches.

Other practical features of top-loading washers include the capacity to add laundry at any point during the cycle, including just before it begins. Additionally, top-loading washers have a higher ability to spread fabric softener and catch lint than front-loading washers do.

2.   Speed

Keep in mind that not all top loaders are created equal. Today, there are primarily two types of top-loading washers: those with and those without agitators. A washer’s agitator is a part that pushes and stirs water through the machine to create motion and vibrating washers. Generally speaking, top-loading washers with agitators wash clothes faster, but high-efficiency top-load washers clean clothes better, can wash more items at once, and use less water. Therefore, high-efficiency washing machines cost more.

3.   Effectivity

Top-loading washers might be more harsh on clothes even though they are easier on your back, especially if the machine is full. Front-loading washers are much kinder to clothing. Larger items, such pillows or comforters, might be challenging to wash in top-loaders since they won’t submerge completely in the water.

4.   Cost

Top load washing machines are often less expensive to acquire than front load ones due to their simpler design and ease of use. Front-loading washers are typically more expensive, but they are justified. They typically offer a cleaner finish and are more water and energy efficient than top loaders. Front-load washers also offer a wider range of wash capabilities to accommodate varied fabric types and degrees of dirt. Front loaders are also much quieter than top loaders due to their more advanced engines and suspension systems. Although a front loader normally has higher upfront expenditures, we think your overall costs will eventually equal out.

5.   Installation Ease

Washing machines with front loading capabilities can be stacked with dryers. The area in your home used for laundry is constrained to a smaller footprint when these two appliances are stacked. There are two common justifications for choosing a stacked washer-dryer arrangement. The first is that they are powerless in the situation. Even people with enough room, however, are choosing to stack their laundry machines since it gives them more usable floor space that may be used for extra cabinets, storage, or even to leave open.

6.   Water Use Efficiency

Compared to the typical top-loading washing machine, front-loading washing machines consume less water and electricity. An effective front-loading washer can improve environmental sustainability. Front-load and top-load high-efficiency washers are more energy-efficient than normal washers since less energy is required to heat the water because they use less water. Additionally, think about recycling your old washer to make new projects rather than having it taken to a landfill.

7.   Sizes

Depending on their capacity and volume, top-load washers can be up to eight inches taller than front-loaders. The two different machine kinds’ widths will be similar. Front-load washers can be up to eight inches deeper than top-load washers, from front to the back, to accommodate the door and related mechanics.

The Best Top Load and Front Load Washing Machines


1.  Elba EWF 1075 VT 7.0KG Front Load Washer

With the ability to choose the temperature, this EWF 1075 VT washer can wash 7.0 kg of laundry. It receives an A++ for energy efficiency and three ticks for water efficiency. It benefits those who care about the environment and want to contribute to its preservation. This washer uses energy and water as efficiently as possible.

2.   EuropAce 5701T 7kg White Front Load Dryer

An extremely practical and adaptable dryer, the EDY 5701T will help you save a ton of time and work in the laundry room. You may set it to different programs for various sorts of laundry, and it has a 7kg capacity. Additionally, it contains a moisture sensor that may be used to assist you choose the ideal water level for your clothes. The dryer also has a delay timer so you may program it to start up automatically after a specific period of time.

3. Beko WTLI120D Top Load Washing Machine 12.0kg

This top-loading washer is suited for families of four or less and is perfect for apartments, studios, and smaller homes. Your clothing will be washed and dried in just half the time with the help of the Beko WTLI12KG Top Load Washer Dryer’s adjustable height container, practical 10 programs, and useful Active Water-saving technology.

4.   Midea MT860S 8kg Light Grey Top Load Washing Machine

One of the biggest home appliance producers in the world, Midea is renowned for producing dependable, high-quality goods. The fact that their MT840S top load washing machine features strong water pressure and a 3D waterfall to ensure thorough cleaning is what stands out about it. Additionally, it features an 8-hour timer so you may set it to run continuously while you work. The wide glass lid, water drop tub, and water level detection are all practical features that help you save money on your water bill.


Shop for Your New Front or Top Load Washing Machine at Yeobuild HomeStore

There are various justifications to think about purchasing a washing machine. One of the most significant benefits is the time and effort a washing machine may save you when doing laundry. However, it’s crucial to weigh all of your alternatives if you’re unsure of which washing machine to purchase. If you want to explore all the types and kinds of washing machines there are, Yeobuild HomeStore has a vast collection of available washers. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!




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