Are you here looking for a replacement for your damaged appliance?

Before purchasing a new item, you might want to try having a FREE check of your faulty appliance to see if it is repairable. Our sister company, Yeobuild HomeRepair, can help you fix what's broken.

Are you here looking 

for a replacement for your



We are one of the leading experts in appliance repair services industry for over 40 years.

Not only that, Yeobuild HomeRepair is also an authorised service agent for 7 major appliance brands in Singapore!

We are a leading expert appliance repair services for more than 40 years!

Not only that, we are authorized service agents for 7 major appliance brand in Singapore!

Want to save some money? We have a flexible broken appliance inspection, which could be free of charge!

Before the actual inspection, a call-out fee ranging from SGD 50 - SGD 80 will be charged.

Don't worry, just like mentioned, your appliance inspection could be free of charge!


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